I always cared about people, and nowdays selflove, bodylove are very important to me. So when the Szeretest team asked me for this project, I was very happy, and it means a lot to me.

In this project 6 people talked about their insults to their body in an interview, and my task was to pick out the important words and illustrate, write them on the photos.

The topic was body love, skinny body shaming.
You are lovable regardless of your weight
Anorexia, you won't be able to have children, the dogs play with bones etc.
All my trainers emphasized that my ribs should not be visible, You won't be able to give birth, let alone breastfeed, with such narrow hips etc.
Beatable, Amorphous, Why don't you exercise more? etc.
These are the positive thought from the interviews: I'm freed, Finally I can accept my body, Selflove, I can be the voice, I know my body, Stronger etc.
Your ability to give birth is independent of the size of your hips
My body is like to a little boy, You won't be able to give a birth with such a little hips, I punished myself, Chemotherapy, body image disorder etc.
Regardless of size, commenting on another person's body is not okay etc.
Project: Regardless of size
Brand: @szeretest
Photos: Zsofia Hajdu @ahogyzsofilatja
Illustrations: Andrea Lender @andilndr

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