I spent the whole of January preparing for this trip, planning, learning, getting excited, asking questions, as it was my first trip abroad, my first flight and the first time I've ever been away from my family for so long. 

The biggest creative event was @creativeworld 2023, in Frankfurt. Courtesy of @schneidermakersline I had the pleasure to be there and draw on different surfaces with super #acrylicmarkers.

Then the next day I started work, where I was panicked if I could do it, but I was in a team where acceptance and love was basic, so when I started drawing I just relaxed. I felt safe, even though everyone was a stranger except one person.

The people who came to our booth were all endlessly kind and cute, this is where I met the lovely @cote_delpiano and @cotecreate who we instantly connected with, chatted and drew TOGETHER, it was just such an incredible experience.

I have worked on several different surfaces:
- wood (balance board)
- glass (lamp)
- metal (watering can, trash can, lamp)
- paper (sketchbook, binder)

I applied several different layers of acrylic markers on each of these materials, ending up with a wonderful overall look with vibrant colours.

I applied the patterns to the surface free hand, but most of it was pre-designed digitally.
For more images and videos follow @schneidermakersline on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube!

Thank you for watching :)

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